What's After High School? ABSS program

Description: The "What’s After High School?" Program is a college access and career awareness outreach program originally developed for the Alamance-Burlington School System in 2005 by Robyn Hadley, its Executive Director. It began as a pilot project anchored in the Superintendent’s office in cooperation with various school system departments and community based organizations. The Program's purpose is to: 1. Identify and develop interactive formal and informal networks of people and organizations to engage Alamance-Burlington School System students and their families/advocates about the preparation and life skills necessary for a successful 21st century college and/or career path after high school and 2. Lay a foundation within and between Alamance-Burlington high schools and their respective communities that will ultimately connect the middle schools and elementary schools that "feed" the county’s high schools for the purposes of providing more uniform and consistent student support/counseling services, especially for those students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who have potential as first-generation college students.

Primary Contact:
Mailing Address: 1712 Vaughn Road
Burlington, NC 27217
Phone #: 336-438-4044

Office Hours: 8 am-5 pm

Best Times for Volunteers: Varies