Center for New North Carolinians (Ashton Woods/Glen Haven/Oakwood Forest)

Description: Avalon, Glen Haven and the Oakwood Forest Community Centers are programs of the UNCG's the Center for New North Carolinians- Our mission is: to foster a safe and supportive learning environment for immigrants and refugees living in North Carolina through the collaborative efforts of families, colleges/universites, volunteers, and partner agencies that promote the cultural strengths of families while providing the tools and resources needed to live successfully and sustainably. At Avalon, Glen Haven and Oakwood Forest we value: * Reciprocal learning * Community ownership and empowerment * Respect and trust * Diversity of thought Our mission is accomplished through: serving as a liason between immigrants and refugees and the various service providers in the community. We offer health education, basic and intermediate ESOL classes, computer and employment assistance, a women's group, youth tutoring and enrichment programs,and a community garden. Additionally, we provide on-going opportunities for students and interns to grow personally and professionally through internships and volunteer opportunities.

Primary Contact: Aaron Hall
Mailing Address: 3954 Hahns Lane Apts E and F
Greensboro, NC 27401
Phone #: 336-334-5466

On BioBus route: No

Office Hours: 9:00-8:00 pm

Best Times for Volunteers: Avalon (300 Avalon Rd) Evening Tutorial- Monday- Friday 4:00-7:00 pm Glen Haven (424 Greenbriar Rd) Evening Tutorial - Monday-Friday 3:00-5:30pm Oakwood Forest (2100 US Highway 29) - Monday-Friday 3:00-5:30pm

Notes: We ask that volunteers attend a required orientation/training session and then commit to at minimum, once a week for the majority of the academic semester. AArron Hall will be working with students after Sept.1

Directions to Service Location: Avalon/Ashton Woods 3954 Hahns Lane Apts E and F Greensboro NC Glen Haven Community Center 424 Greenbriar Rd, Apt. E & F Greensboro NC Oakwood Forest Community Center 2100 US Highway 29 G