Step Up of Alamance

Description: Mission of Step Up Step Up of Alamance is tax exempt non profit transformational ministry targeted at families trapped in the affliction of generational poverty. The ministry goal is to re-train families exhibiting a desire to change by showing them Christ centered life skills. Instead of just a program approach, Step Up is a ministry that partners with the Church and the community to meets the needs of participants through relationships. The ministry approach in dealing with poverty is to view families as needing not only financial resources, but also emotional development, skills development, improvement of physical health, development of appropriate support systems and access to role models. The concise mission statement is, “Providing Christian Community to those living in poverty”. Current Operations Currently the ministry owns through private donations two furnished residences that are provided for approved families. The long term plan is for the ministry to expand where all housing is contiguous or in a complex to enable more families to be given the opportunity to break free from generational poverty. Families live in the residence for a period determined by the family’s willingness to change. This enables families to free up emotional energy and time to enable them to focus on life skill change. The central goal for each family is to attend church so they can be introduced to the love of Christ through a local Church. The Step Up ministry provides counseling to explore the most workable solution for each individual family. A member of the family is to be pursuing employment or pursuing an education that enables the probability of future employment. All families receive Christian financial budget counseling. For families with income this entails keeping receipts of all money spent, no matter how small or insignificant. These receipts are contrasted against the participant’s weekly budget that has been co-developed by the participant and the counselor. Participants are required each pay period to make a significant deposit out of income into a savings account. This is to enable savings for future housing expenses when the participant graduates from the Step Up Ministry. Participants are accountable to meet the requirements of the Step Up home management rules. These rules include proper supervision of children, cleaning and maintenance of the premises, guest restrictions, and alcohol and drug abstinence. The standards of Step Up are necessary to lay the foundation for the discipline needed to reach the goal of improved life skills to break out of the dysfunction resulting from generational poverty. Participants are treated relationally as family and contacted daily. Weekly goals are established for Step Up participants which are developed based on the individual needs of each family. Weekly goals are part of the participants overall treatment plan developed by the Step Up mentor. As relationships develop, the families’ developmental needs become known and are jointly pursued by the Step Up counselor, the Step Up board of directors, and Step Up volunteers. Step Up partners with the community and the Church for professional services needed.

Primary Contact:
Phone #: 336-260-7826

Best Times for Volunteers: flexible

Notes: They meet at St. Marks Church in Burlington.

Directions to Service Location: St. Marks Church 1230 St. Marks Church Rd. Burlington, NC