Tristan's Quest, Inc.

Description: Improving quality of life for children with behavioral, social, academic, and emotional challenges through education and support. Learning about the operation of a small non-profit, promotion of services offered, preparation of newsletters, contact with media, updating website, website design and enhancement, fund raising events, promoting fundraising events, participation in after-school enrichment programs, participation with school children in self-contained behavioral and emotional delayed classrooms. Students should expect first service experiences to be in the office setting.

Primary Contact:
Mailing Address: 115- A South Walnut Circle
Greensboro, NC 27409
Phone #: 336-547-7460
Fax #: 336-292-6133

On BioBus route: No

Office Hours: M-F 8a-8p

Best Times for Volunteers: Between 8a-2:30p, students can help with office work and prepare for classes. After 2:30p, they can tutor students and assist in support groups for children ages 3-21. Participation in our social group for teens from 6:30p to 9:30p on Fridays is an option, as is an inclusive program for elementary school age children on Saturdays from 9:30a-12:30p.

Notes: Tristan's Quest has a strong reputation for providing quality innovative services to children and adolescents throughout the community. We have worked hard to develop strong relationships with 9 different colleges and universities to provide a unique pre-professional experience for graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines.

Directions to Service Location: Take I-40 West/I-85 South toward Greensboro. Take the Wendover Rd. exit. Turn Right off the exit. Turn Left onto Meadowwood Street (at a light). At the next light, turn Right onto Market Street. K