Residential Treatment Services Alamance

Description: ON THE BIOBUS LOOP RTSA is dedicated to improving the lives of adults living with alcoholism, addiction and/or mental illness by helping them build strong programs of recovery.

Primary Contact: Ron Osborne
Mailing Address: PO Box 427
Burlington, NC 27216
Phone #: 227-2994
Fax #: 227-2996

On BioBus route: Yes

Best Times for Volunteers: Times may be based upon student's schedules since we operate a 24 hour facility.

Notes: Runs a Thrift Store, Trollinger Treasures at 403 Trollinger street and works with federal work study students. We have been able to have jobs available at our admin offices and residential treatment facilities. Assistance with fundraising/events activities is greatly needed as well as marketing our programs. Working with individuals with ment

Directions to Service Location: See our website at for complete directions to all of our facilities.