EDU*324*E SL: Literacy Dev't/Struggling
Marna Winter

Num. Service Hours Required:  40

Description of Desired Service:
The “Village Project” is an intentional collaborative literacy development endeavor among several stakeholders – Elon University, May Memorial Library, First Presbyterian Church, The Oak Foundation, parents, struggling students, teachers, Barnes and Noble (Alamance Crossing) & in partnership with UNCG & Concordia University. Now approaching its 6th year, the Village Project is designed to bring school of education students in direct contact with students who find reading daunting. The aim of the project is to teach preservice teachers to work one-on-one with struggling readers and the readers’ parents. The goal of the project is to be able to diagnose & work to address the struggling student’s specific reading needs. The Village operates during the spring and fall semesters over a period of 7 consecutive weeks. Over the years we have supported over 300 families and have recently extended the Village services to address content area reading needs by establishing Science in the Village.