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  1. Kirby Wahl publishes article on accents

    The article by Wahl, professor of performing arts, and Artemis Preeshl, a visiting faculty member in the Department of Performing Arts last year, was published in the Voice and Speech Review.

  2. Valle publishes article in Journal of Social Psychology

    Matthew Valle, Martha and Spencer Love Professor of Business and Professor of Management, and colleagues have published the results of their empirical research on the relationship between abusive supervision and organizational deviance.

  3. Kremer publishes book on transgender singing

    "The Singing Teacher’s Guide to Transgender Voices" is the first book of its kind to provide thorough, organized information on the training of transgender singers for educators both in the academic and independent teaching realms.

  4. Roland’s paper published in accounting journal

    Research co-authored by Assistant Professor Kristin Roland examines the relation between pension plan payout horizon and pension asset allocation using information from SFAS 132(R) mandated disclosures.

  5. In open government lawsuits, a look at who pays (and who should)

    A forthcoming law review article by Elliot Engstrom, an Elon Law Legal Method and Communication Fellow, analyzes a North Carolina law that leaves open to interpretation who should cover the costs of legal fees when a person sues state and local governments for lack of transparency.