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We're in the midst
of a new revolution

By Dean Paul Parsons

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors began to speak, draw and write as ways of communicating. That was, broadly speaking, the first communications revolution.

Five hundred years ago, Gutenberg invented movable type to mass-produce the Bible and other reading materials. No longer would learning be restricted to the elite. The availability of common texts and the rise in literacy that resulted was the second communications revolution.

Now we have harnessed the visual and, through satellites and cables and the Internet, we send words, sounds and images around the globe in the blink of an eye. Our technology is overcoming time and distance - the third communications revolution.

This change is happening so rapidly, and we adjust to change so continually, that we may not feel we're in the midst of revolution. But we are.

At Elon, we embrace the transforming nature of living in a digital and global world, while keeping our focus on the unchanging need for meaningful content. Whatever the technology, wherever the audience, our world needs good ideas and good information.

The role of Elon's School of Communications is to guide students to think, write and produce meaningful information in our digital and global age.

On our home page, we provide the latest news, features and photos from the School of Communications through our electronic newsroom called Connections. Of course, if you're able to overcome time and distance yourself, we invite you to visit us on Elon's beautiful campus.

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