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Student research

A number of School of Communications students have turned their good ideas and hard work into positive research experiences. Sometimes the research is accomplished as independent-study course projects or as funded research underwritten by grants from Elon's SURE or Rawls programs. At other times, work generated for courses such as Communications Research, Media Law & Ethics, Media & Culture and Great Ideas reaches the point of excellence at which it can be considered significant enough for presentation. There are a number of excellent presentation outlets at which Elon students have presented their work, including the following ...

National Conference of Undergraduate Research

School of Communications students regularly present research at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research. The following are examples:

Megan Livengood presented "Butterfly Kisses and Jesus Freaks: The Presence of Explicitly Theological Words in Contemporary Christian Music and How That Presence Relates to Mass Adoption," advised by Constance Book.

Richard Evans presented "The USA Patriot Act and Society: What Are We Giving Up?" advised by Jessica Gisclair.

Ellen Foust presented "Courts and Confidentiality: Should Journalistic Sources be Revealed in Criminal Versus Civil Trials," advised by Jessica Gisclair.

Pamela Gallerani, "Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Right? A Look At the D.C. Sniper Story," advised by Jessica Gisclair.

Andi Petrini presented "Made in Taiwan: A Look at Freedom of Expression in the Taipei Press," advised by Janna Anderson.

AEJMC Southeast Colloquium

Elon University School of Communications students also present research at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications Southeast Colloquium. Recent examples include:

Megan Livengood's research was titled "The Presence of Explicitly Theological Words in Successful Christian Music." The work was developed from a capstone seminar project and completed while she was enrolled in an Independent Research course.

Jennifer Guarino's study was titled "Shaping the Next Generation of Newspaper Readers." She began work on the project thanks to a grant given through Elon's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program.

For more details on this program, which is open to all Elon students, see: http://www.elon.edu/urp/Dreamweaver/SURE.htm

Student Undergraduate Research Forum

Between 40 and 80 School of Communications students are accepted each year to make presentations at Elon University's annual Student Undergraduate Research Forum. Members of Elon's Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee review abstracts from students interested in participating in the event and single out the finest for presentation. Following are some examples of the type of research presented:

Theresa Petronella, "Overzealous Reporting: Publicity about the D.C. Sniper Violates Accused Rights." Faculty mentor: Jessica Gisclair.

Ellen Foust, "Courts and Confidentiality: Should Journalistic Sources Be Revealed in Crimial Vs. Civil Trials?" Faculty mentor: Jessica Gisclair.

Wendy Manning, "The Pentagon VS. the Press: An Ethical View of the War Between the Media and the Military." Faculty mentor: Jessica Gisclair.

Leigh-Ann Reilly, "The Patriot Act: Civil Liberties Vs. National Security." Faculty mentor: Jessica Gisclair.

Rich Evans, "Social Norms and the Prevention of Danger Zones at Elon University." Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

Megan Livengood, "A Genre In Search of Identity: The Use of Theological Words in Contemporary Christian Music." Faculty Mentor(s): Constance Book.

Crystal Allen and Erin Moseley, "Internet Predictions Project: Building a 1990-1995 Predictions Database." Faculty mentor: Janna Anderson.

Andrea Petrini, "Made in Taiwan: A History of Freedom of Expression in the Taipei Press." Faculty mentor: Janna Anderson.

Beth Bafundo, "Soft News in Hispanic and Mainstream Press: A Comparative Study." Faculty mentor: Don Grady.

Blaire Galaton, "Radio Station Ownership." Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

Derrick Jackson, "The Influence of Minority Ownership in the Radio Industry." Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

Andrea Petrini, "Convergence and Comprehensive Media Coverage." Faculty mentor: Connie Book.

Jennifer Guarino, "Shaping the Next Generation of Newspaper Readers." Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

Katherine Knoepffler, "War and Americans: Effects of World War II on the American People." Faculty mentor: David Copeland.

Katie Beaver, "Chicago in Black and White: The Chicago Defender and Chicago Tribune, 1920." Faculty mentor: David Copeland.

Daniel Hanson, "What Factors Shape Media's Framing of International Conflict?" Faculty mentor: Laura Roselle.

Kellen Taylor, Kellie Brielmaier and Wendy Manning, "How the Language of Media Coverage has been Skewed During 'Showdown with Iraq.'" Faculty mentor: David Copeland.

Erin Cooper, Julie Leven, Kelly Murphy, Nicholas Rust, Kirsten MacMonegle and Kristin Simonetti, "Child Pornography Over the Internet vs. The First Amendment." Faculty mentor: Jessica Gisclair.

Anna Brodrecht, Matthew Lupfer, Colin Lessig and Brandon Dent, "Sold to the Highest Bidder: The 49 North Auction House." Faculty mentor: Tom Mould.

Juliet Marateck, Kylene Moore and Margaret Cabanis-Wicht, "915: A Video Ethnography of a Greensboro Skate Park." Faculty mentor: Tom Mould.

Jennifer Witt, Amanda Swartzbaugh and Spencer Fastie, "You Cannot Tip-Tip Up to Heaven: Music and Dance of Elon First Baptist." Faculty mentor: Tom Mould.

Lauren Vilis, Beth Fullerton, Caitlin Malloy and Samiha Khanna, "Kingpin Studio: Best Prick in Town - an Ethnography of a Tattoo." Faculty mentor: Tom Mould.

Erica Choutka, "G-Strings and Leotards: The Portrayal of the Dance Profession in Film." Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

Erica Choutka, Rich Evans, Megan Livengood and Allison Jones, "Tomorrow's Television Viewing Environment? Understanding PCTV Consumption." Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

The following students presented
their research at a SURF poster session:

Malika Irving, "A Closer Look at Advertisements." Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

Debra Bard, Pamela Gallerani, Kelly Kohlhagen and Theresa Petronella, "How Cartoons are Feeding Kids." Faculty mentor: David Copeland.

Katherine Baggott, "MP3's: Stealing or Borrowing?" Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

Kathryn Cutler, Idalia Hill, Carley Olsen, Nicholas Tashjia and Alaina Wallace, "Internet Advertising: Effective or Annoying." Faculty mentor: David Copeland.

Lawrence Dickerson, Sean Carroll, Kevin Krout and Awel Gheddai, "Alcohol and Advertising: Does Anyone Care?" Faculty mentor: David Copeland.

Katherine Knoepffler, "Visual Representation of Sponsorships and Endorsements in NASCAR." Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

Nicole Pfaff, "Sexual Innuendoes in Children's Animated Movies." Faculty mentor: Constance Book.

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