Online Payment Instructions

Our online payment provider, Touchnet, has recently upgraded our online payment website. The web address for viewing bills and making payments/deposits remains the same:  Many of the changes are cosmetic in nature. You will notice that the text on the log-in page has been consolidated and re-positioned in a way that makes it more visible for students and authorized users. The log-in credentials for students and authorized users remain the same.

After logging-in, the most noticeable change relates to the tabs at the top of the screen.  The e-Bills tab is now called e-Statements and the Deposits tab is now called e-Deposits.  The Authorized Users tab can now be found by selecting the MyAccount tab.


When viewing tuition statements, we encourage the use of the e-Statements tab for the most comprehensive breakdown of: tuition, fees, and financial aid.  It is important to view this version as it may reflect pending items that cannot be reflected in the current account status on the main page. An Elon student may have more than one account type that can be accessed from the e-Statements tab. Using the first dropdown menu on this page, students and parents can select: Student Receivables, Winter Abroad, or Summer Abroad. After selecting the account type, click the select button next to the date. The tuition statement will appear in a new tab. After reviewing the statement, students and authorized users can select the pay button on the previous tab.

If you have any questions regarding making payments online, please call the Bursar’s office at (336) 278-5300 or toll-free 877-729-3566, or email to