Learning Spaces Workgroup

Departments from across Elon's campus actively work to support the creation of and maintenance of learning spaces, aiming to reduce barriers that have the potential to negatively impact teaching and learning. These departments have a vested interest and play particular roles in learning spaces, including:

  • Planning, Design, & Construction designs new spaces, renovates existing spaces, and provides interior design services and room furnishings.
  • Instructional & Campus Technologies installs and maintains technology equipment in learning spaces. This unit also provides training, support, and consultations for using the installed equipment and for incorporating other technologies into teaching and learning.
  • The Registrar’s Office assigns classroom spaces to faculty for each course. 
  • Physical Plant maintains the physical environment of the classroom, including the temperature, cleanliness, lighting, and repairs of broken furniture, lights, etc.
  • The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning consults with faculty on pedagogy and best practices for engaging students.

As we think about learning spaces of the future, there is a great need for partnership across departments to gather feedback from faculty and students, identify current needs, outline future needs, and develop a vision for learning spaces across campus. To forge these partnerships, a Learning Spaces Workgroup (LSW) was established.

The objectives of the LSW are to examine research-supported best practices for learning space design, evaluate existing spaces against those practices, use what we learn to inform future design and renovation decisions, and raise awareness around these topics and more to our campus community.

We believe that the best, most effective learning spaces are designed holistically. The LSW reflects this philosophy by incorporating members from major stakeholders that represent all areas of learning space design, including the physical design of the room, environmental controls, technology implementation, room assignments, and teaching.

LSW Members