Welcome New Elon Students!

Your admission to Elon University marks a significant life transition and your commitment to become part of a vibrant academic community. This university community – the faculty, staff and your fellow classmates – has prepared an environment defined by curiosity, engagement and reflection, and filled by ideas, theories and questions. Your decision to attend Elon indicates you’re ready to join this academic, intellectual community.

You’re Elon Bound!

  • You are bound to become part of a community where you will be introduced to and challenged by the ideas, arguments and perspectives that define cultures around the globe and that reflect ingenuity across time.
  • You are bound to discover and debate the intersections of politics and culture in our diverse country and around the globe.
  • You are bound to share your ideas and openly explore how they are connected to and challenged by ideas that came before you.
  • You are bound to passionately and respectfully engage with members of the university community and understand that all human beings deserve to be treated with courtesy and dignity.
  • You are bound to be an Elon university citizen, helping to sustain and further develop the first-class learning environment that we all value.

We’re excited that you are Elon Bound, and we look forward to you joining us for a journey in learning that will stage your future; a future where the world is smarter, stronger and kinder because you are in it.

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These videos are designed just for students enrolling for Fall 2017. Join us for valuable information about the first year experience.

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Your First Assignment

The Common Reading – Make Your Home Among Strangers

Your first academic assignment is the Common Reading, Make Your Home Among Strangers, by Jennine Capó Crucet. Be sure to purchase and read it before you arrive on campus. The Common Reading marks the beginning of the Elon Core Curriculum, the set of courses and experiences shared by every student.

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View Interview with Jennine Capó Crucet

Learning @ Elon

Open your mind. The engaged learning environment we have designed at Elon begins with this simple instruction. What follows is a guided journey in learning that asks the fundamental questions: Why are you here? What do you hope to become? How will you get there? 

At the end of this journey, you will have answered these questions and along the way you will have been challenged to read, write and think analytically; to consider your responsibilities as a citizen of the world; work to address complex problems without one right answer; and develop your ethical and moral sensibility.

Your learning is supported through a well-developed core curriculum that is fully integrated with your majors and minors and the Elon Experiences that allow you to make connections as a broadly educated person.


The Elon community fosters appreciation, respect and an open exchange on the values of difference and inclusion. At its core, our community values honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility. We invite you to learn about this dynamic community you have joined.

Orientation & Transition

As you prepare to transition into the Elon community, there are undoubtedly many questions running through your mind. In this section, you’ll find resources, tips and advice from students, as well as the New Student Orientation website. Current students understand what it was like to enter a new community with new friends to make, new pathways to choose, and new challenges to overcome. Hear their stories and insights on making your transition a smooth one. Additionally, follow the link to Orientation’s site for information on move-in day, programming for family members and answers to frequently asked questions.



Have Questions?

Check out these pages for Frequently Asked Questions.

Transfer Students FAQ
Orientation FAQ
Preparation Info & What to Bring

If you still have questions, ask our staff using the form below. You'll get an email directing you to info or resources, and the most common questions (and answers) will appear to the right for others to see.


Most Recent Q&As

Are there any Experiential Learning Requirements (ELRs) that are easily completed in the first year?

Of the five opportunities that count toward Experiential Learning Requirement (internships, leadership, service, study abroad, and undergraduate research), students in the first year will be most likely to engage in service. Check out the Kernodle Center for co-curricular opportunities, or look into courses marked SL for service-learning to get involved.

Is there a support system if you are struggling with a class?

Absolutely! Elon’s Tutoring Center is a great resource if you’d like some extra help with coursework, particularly in the natural sciences and math courses. Students in the On-Air session also suggested that study groups seem to form naturally in many classes and can be great for reinforcing the knowledge gained in class. Professors tend to have office hours as well, so you can visit and discuss other ways to approach material or strategies for learning in that class (or lots of other things – most professors love talking to students!).

How do I turn in health records?

Health records are due July 1. This document on immunization and medical history is required from all undergraduates. Email your copy to Health Services at or fax them to (336) 538-6506.

Can I recycle in the residence halls?

Yes! There are receptacles for recycling in every neighborhood. All recyclables (plastics, glass, metal and paper) can go in blue bins. There is no need to separate paper from other recyclables. Cardboard should be broken down and placed next to the blue bins.

Additionally, Moseley, the Library and KOBC have larger recycling hubs where you can recycle small electronics, old batteries and inkjet cartridges. Pens can be recycled in the Library.

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