Elon 101

Elon 101 is a one-semester-one-hour course designed to prepare you for confident engagement at Elon. During the course you'll create a four-year graduation plan that becomes an important roadmap for your time at Elon. The Elon 101 curriculum shares our campus values, academic planning, and campus resources.

Why are campus values and academic resources the focus of Elon 101? First, we want you to be a thriving and successful student at Elon with a strong understanding of our expectations. Second, we want you to feel challenged but supported. For this reason, your Elon 101 instructor will serve as your academic advisor until you officially declare your major and will be one of your primary resources as you seek to find answers to your questions. And finally, we want you to know about the robust opportunities that exist on our campus. We intentionally keep Elon 101 classes small at 16 students per section and meet weekly throughout the first semester. We believe you will find Elon 101 to be one of the major reasons your mind opens quickly and Elon feels like home. 

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Student Perspectives about Elon 101


Elon 101:
A Transition Aid in All Aspects

Cameron Magida, Class of 2017

"Elon 101 is a perfect, conversational seminar that helps incoming students get acclimated to Elon. The class offers all of the helpful ingredients that take a significant amount of stress out of the change over into college life, not just with the academics but social aspects as well. From a personal perspective, Elon 101 acted as resource to answer any and all questions that I could fathom. My professor, whom I consider a close connection on campus, was readily accessible to help me with anything. If I had a scheduling conflict or questions about potential classes, or needed help mapping out different future pathways for my Elon University career, he would respond to my emails in a timely manner and was always willing to meet up. The time spent in Elon 101 made my transition to Elon an immeasurable amount easier, and I would highly recommend that every incoming student opt to take it."