Elon University is one of the premier residential campuses focused on living, learning and personal development. By joining this community, you will enhance your academic achievements and campus connections. We aim to integrate the academic, residential and social experience of students, reconnecting living on campus with the core values and functions of the university.

Student Perspectives about Living on Campus


“What is it like to live in a residence hall at Elon?”

The Role of an RA

Kate Schefer, Class of 2015

“As an RA, I urge you to ignore stereotypes from movies and friends. RAs are not the police, nor are we your best friends. We exist to enforce university policies, as well as maintain healthy, safe, and happy communities. Don’t dislike your RA just because you think you’re supposed to; most of us are really nice, helpful, and caring. Work with us, and we promise your transition into college will be much smoother.”

Working Through Roommate Issues

Nick Cook, Class of 2015

“Transitioning into college is a huge deal; it’s very nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Getting a roommate is one of the biggest changes students deal with and I had a really hard time adjusting. My roommate and I were paired together through Elon’s random roommate assignment (I like to say it’s like e-Harmony for finding your perfect roommate). My freshman year roommate and I had several issues, and I ended up moving out in February of my first year from Danieley Center to Colonnades. The second half of the year was much better. I bring that up not to scare incoming students, but to tell them that it could happen to them and Elon is very accommodating if you are having issues. I have learned so much from that experience and I take it for what it was. So while having a roommate might be challenging at times, just know every other first year is dealing with issues too, and everyone’s experience is going to be different. It’s all going to work out in the end no matter what!”


“What is it like to participate in a living-learning community?”

LLC: Fine Arts

Sam Jones, Class of 2015

“My freshman year I lived in the Fine Arts Learning Community which provided for me an instant friend-base and supportive community. It definitely was the popular place to hang out and some of my best memories are from there. I was so inspired to continue to be a part of an LLC community that I became a Resident Assistant the following year for the Service Learning and Arts and Letters community.”

LLC: Elon College Fellows

Caroline Kruse, Class of 2017

“I live in the Isabella Cannon Pavilion in the Elon College Fellows Living and Learning Community and I completely love it. I couldn’t have made a better choice for my living arrangement for my first year. We are like a family. There are 22 people in the community and I know each and every one of them. We’ve gone to the beach, we’ve gone to the zoo, we’ve just hung out and watched movies, and we’ve studied together. I absolutely love the community it gives you right away.”