Studies show that students who are involved in campus organizations are more likely to thrive academically and be fulfilled in their overall college experience. On the second Friday of the Fall semester, the Organization Fair will showcase the 200+ student clubs and organizations that Elon has to offer. Be thinking about your interests and what you’d like to learn more about when you arrive. We have just about everything – musical groups, religious organizations, academic societies, fraternities and sororities, political groups, service and civic engagement opportunities, and more!  

To get a glimpse of student organizations at Elon, take a look at the 2015/2016 Student Organizations Booklet.

Student Perspectives about Organizations


“What is the Organizational Fair?”

Club Swim Team

Caroline Kruse, Class of 2017

“I’ve involved in the club swim team, and it sort of helped me bridge the gap between my interests in high and my interests in college. It allowed me to continue to do the sport that I love, but not in the intensity of a varsity sport. I love being part of the team and competing. We went to Georgia Tech for the East Collegiate Championships and there were over 1400 swimmers, and that atmosphere was amazing because I got to represent an Elon community within a much larger community.”

Club Ultimate Frisbee

James Fariello, Class of 2017

“I play on the Club Ultimate Frisbee team, and it’s just a great time. I was originally going to pledge a fraternity but I decided against that after find such a great group with the team. Those guys are my best friends without a doubt. It’s a great way to stay in shape and it’s so much fun.”

WSOE Student Radio

Sam Jones, Class of 2015

“Apart from the Performing Arts community, I am a part of the WSOE radio organization at Elon. After my good friend Anna and I spent part of our post-Sophomore summer at the Second City Training Center in Chicago studying improvisation and sketch comedy, we were inspired to head Elon Laugh Radio- Elon’s first and only improvised comedy station!”


“How have co-curriculars helped in furthering your interests and career goals?”

Try Something New

Omolayo Ojo, Class of 2015

“Don’t let the fear of getting over-involved keep you from trying things out. It’s OK to try out a club then decide it’s not for you. It’s better than spending 4 years wondering what it would have been like to be part of that organization. Also, don’t just automatically come in wanting to continue all your clubs from high school, try out some new things!”

Vary Your Experiences

Nick Cook, Class of 2015

“Elon students are known for taking on a lot because Elon provides you with a lot of opportunities. It is very easy to get very involved in a lot of clubs and organizations on campus and that is something that I have loved about college. College is what you make of it so you can take on as much or as little as you want. While I have loved the education Elon has provided me, my college experience would be nothing without my co-curricular involvement in the BFA Acting program as the student scenic designer for shows, as well as my involvement in the Office of Admissions as a Tour Guide, in Delta Upsilon as the Philanthropy Chair, in Vital Signs a cappella group as President, in New Student Orientation and several jobs that I’ve held on campus. My involvement at Elon through clubs, organizations and jobs have made me a very well-rounded person and have added a lot of color to my resume.”

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