Global Education Center

There are many resources available for international students who attend Elon. The Isabella Cannon Global Education Center provides many services for international students, such as:

  • Transportation from the airport when international students arrive at Elon for the first time
  • A special orientation (prior to the general orientation for incoming students)
  • Monthly activities
  • Host families for holidays (when the residence halls are closed)
  • An international student handbook

There is also an international student adviser on campus who can help you make the transition to Elon's campus. If you have questions about services for international students at Elon, please email François Masuka, Director of International Student Services, at

Other Resources on Campus

The Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education (CREDE)

The Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education (CREDE) works with all students, faculty, and staff to promote diversity education as well as offers support for students from diverse backgrounds. Various programs and organizations include Hand-to-Hand mentors, Multicultural Student Council, and D.E.E.P. (Diversity Emerging Education Program). Visit the CREDE's website to learn more.

El Centro de Español de Elon

El Centro de Español de Elon (Elon's Spanish Center) is located in Carlton building and is open to students, faculty and staff who want to immerse themselves in the language or just learn a few phrases at a time. For more information, please visit El Centro's website.

The Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life

The Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life works to connect people with their faith traditions. With various local resources, the Truitt Center encourages students in practicing their own faith and supporting them in the own spiritual development. To learn more, please visit The Truitt Center's website.