Do you want to study harder? Dig deeper? See the world from a new perspective? As an Elon University Fellow, you will. And you'll love the challenge.

Elon offers these six challenging programs:

  • Honors Fellows for students in any major*
  • Elon College Fellows for majors in the arts and humanities, social sciences and natural and mathematical sciences
  • Business Fellows for majors in accounting, economics, economic consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, international economics, management and marketing
  • Communications Fellows for majors in journalism, strategic communications, cinema and television arts, communication design, media analytics and sport management
  • Teaching Fellows for majors in education
    • The North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program (NCTF) is a competitive, merit-based forgivable loan for service program that provides up to $8,250 a year for up to four years ($33,000) to highly-qualified students from North Carolina who are committed to teaching special education or a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) field in a North Carolina public school. Elon University is one of only five partner institutions for this program. The application and selection process for NCTF is separate from the Elon Teaching Fellows program. Apply for NCTF at by the January 14 deadline. Students can receive an NCTF award and an award in one of the following programs: Honors, Elon College, Leadership or Teaching Fellows.

  • Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows for students in any major who want to maximize their leadership potential*

In each of these programs, you will have exceptional learning opportunities such as these:

  • Special courses and faculty mentoring
  • Housing options such as a living-learning community for Fellows
  • Paid research assistantships or internships
  • Scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $13,500 per year

The following information might be helpful as you consider applying for the Fellows Programs:

  • First-year applications must be submitted before Jan. 10 to apply for Fellows.
  • Fellows applications must be submitted no later than Jan. 10.
  • Students may apply for a maximum of two programs: one school-based (Business, Elon College, Communications or Teaching) and one non-school-based (Honors or Leadership) program or both non-school-based programs (Honors and Leadership). However, participation is limited to only one Fellows Program.
  • All applications are reviewed after Jan. 10. Finalists are selected by faculty committees and are invited to attend Fellows & Scholarship Weekend March 2-3, 2018.