University Communications and Administrative Services have the responsibility of managing university trademarks, licensing and branding. Trademarked logos include Elon, Elon University, the monogram E, the Elon shield and the Phoenix. For more information, and a list of the official marks, please visit

All university items, including departmental, organizational and student groups bearing the Elon University, Elon Phoenix name or logos, must conform to the branding guidelines. Administrative Services reserves the right to deny designs that do not meet the identity standards. Due to trademark rights, persons and entities producing items that bear the Elon University name must do so through a licensed vendor. You may request a list of approved vendors through the Administrative Services office.

Vendors who wish to sell merchandise with an Elon logo should follow the established process, which includes the completion of an application and licensing agreements. Contact Meg Fisher, Assistant Director of Administrative Services, at 336-278-5003 or email for more information.