At Elon we believe everyone benefits from initiatives that embrace inclusion, diversity and global engagement. As a result, we aim to provide opportunities for staff and faculty, as well as students. These opportunities help support the same development and continued growth of excellence, as well as work towards fulfilling the responsibilities that come with being a community member of pluralistic and intersecting communities. Additionally, at Elon we embrace the philosophy that all our staff and faculty members are teacher-scholar-mentors, serving as models and guides for student development. We recognize to do this well, our staff and faculty members must also continually engage, reflect upon, and grow as it pertains to inclusion, diversity and global engagement.

If you are a faculty member looking for information on developing more inclusive classrooms, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning has compiled these resources. The Office of Leadership and Professional Development also puts on a variety of programming each month for faculty and staff, some of which addresses matters of diversity, inclusion, and global engagement.

Other opportunities include Elon’s Pre/Post Doctoral Fellows, Intercultural Consciousness Certificate, and Inclusive Community Development Workshops.