JD/MBA Program

Consistent with Elon Law’s strength in the area of business law, the law school offers a JD/MBA program with Elon’s Love School of Business. The program prepares students to become leaders in the legal profession or in the field of business.

Students participating in the JD/MBA program receive a degree from both schools.  The dual degree program reduces the cost and time required to acquire both degrees, as both the law school and the MBA program accept credit toward their respective degrees for specified courses taken in the other school. The law school accepts up to 12 credits from designated MBA courses toward the 86 credits required for the JD degree. Likewise, the MBA program accepts up to 9 credits from specified law school courses toward the 45 credits (including the two foundation courses) required for the MBA degree.

Cross-over courses are as follows:

Law School Courses Accepted Toward MBA Degree

LAW 711/Accounting for Lawyers

This courses will satisfy the Financial Accounting Foundation Course required by the MBA program


LAW 710/Business Associations






These courses may be used to satisfy the MBA program’s 9-credit elective course requirement

LAW 815/Entity Taxation

LAW 811/Bankruptcy

LAW 744/International Commercial Arbitration

LAW 814/Mergers and Acquisitions

LAW 759/Negotiations

LAW 713/Securities Regulation

LAW 716/Intellectual Property

LAW 671/Commercial Law: Secured Transactions

MBA Courses Accepted Toward JD Degree

MBA 511/Enhancing Managerial Communications

JD/MBA students are not allowed credit for both MBA 511 and LAW 703 (Communications Skills for Lawyers), they may only receive credit for one or the other

MBA 521/Economic Policy and the Global Environment







These courses may be used to satisfy the law program’s elective course requirement. Up to a total of 12 credits of approved MBA courses will count toward the 90 law school credits required to receive your JD degree.

MBA 531/Accounting for Managerial Decisions

MBA 551/Financial Management

MBA 562/Applications in Management and Organizational Theory

MBA 581/International Business

MBA 591/Entrepreneurship

MBA 594/Topics in Advanced Financial Management

The availability of law school credit for this course depends on the specific topics covered, as the content of the course varies.  Pre-approval by the law school associate dean for academic affairs should be obtained prior to taking the course to receive credit toward the JD degree