Cost of attendance for third-year class
(Entering class of 2014)

2016-17 Academic Year

Tuition: $37,924

Indirect Expenses:

Indirect expenses are those not actually charged by Elon Law. The amount a student spends on these indirect expenses is within the student's control. The numbers below represent the maximum amount a student may receive in financial aid for these indirect costs. Many, if not most, students will incur less expense than this based on the choices they make, and students are encouraged to be as conservative as possible in their spending and particularly their borrowing to fund these expenses. For instance, a student could park in the free parking lot provided by the law school, rather than spending the allotted $500 to rent a parking space in the city parking deck across from the school. Likewise, a student could take advantage of public transportation, such as the free city bus pass provided by the law school, to avoid the transportation expense. Our Office of Financial Planning is available to assist with your financial planning and financial aid package.

Indirect Expenses for the 2016-17 
Academic Year
Estimated Expense
Housing $7,500
Food $5,000
Utilities $1,300
Personal $3,200
Transportation $3,500
Health Insurance $2,668
Rental Insurance $300
Books and Supplies $1,750
Parking $500
Total indirect costs $25,718