Elon Law alumnus James KnoxJames F. Knox
Class of 2011

The Citadel

Staff Attorney
South Carolina Association of Counties
Columbia, S.C.
Work responsibilities:
Prepare advisory opinions for county officials in matters pertaining to county government including tax law, government finance, court administration, public safety, ethics inquiries and Freedom of Information Act requests; assist counties involved in litigation by providing Amicus Curiae briefs; provide information to the South Carolina General Assembly on all matters affecting county government; testify before South Carolina House and Senate Committees on legislation impacting county government.

Military Experience:

Operation New Dawn Combat Deployment, Iraq, Kuwait, 2011-2012

  • Planned and executed aviation missions as an AH-64D helicopter pilot in a hostile territory and served as Liaison Officer to Division level staff
  • Coordinated, prioritized, and de-conflicted over 2,400 mission requests as the Attack Aviation Mission Request Officer in Charge

South Carolina Army National Guard, McEntire Airbase in Eastover, S.C., 2005-2013

  • Helicopter Pilot/Aviation Officer serving in various leadership capacities including Detachment Commander and Platoon Leader


Honors & Activities

  • Elections Committee appointee
  • Elon Law Running Club
  • Innocence Project


“The legal community in South Carolina is smaller, so it's easy to network and build working relationships.”

“I enjoy the creative process of trying to find solutions to the problems that my clients and principal bring to me. I value my organization's objective. We provide a host of services to the counties in South Carolina. I take pride in the fact that by enabling and building stronger counties, we are building a stronger state that will benefit its citizens.”

“Critical thinking and analysis are the most important skills I gained while at Elon Law. As Professor Friedland taught us, I constantly ask myself ‘why?’ throughout my daily work.”

“Uniform Commercial Code classes were my favorite courses at Elon Law. Code law can be pretty intricate, but I enjoyed finding my way through the patchwork of secured transactions and negotiable instruments.”


“A big part of my job requires lobbying before the South Carolina General Assembly to ensure legislation is passed favorably for county government. It's a great feeling when you successfully block a piece of legislation that is unfavorable to your client or amend it to your client’s advantage.”



“Professor Friedland had a way of simplifying complex legal concepts and explaining them through practical examples and he always had a great way of keeping his students engaged.”



  • Richland County CASA, advocates for children referred by the Family Court in Richland County, S.C.
  • American Cancer Society volunteer driver
  • S.C. Bar Exam mentor for Elon University School of Law
  • Project HELP
  • Traveling, running, playing guitar and hunting