Pro Bono Hours

Students who complete 75 or more hours of pro bono service while in law school receive a Certificate of Recognition from Elon Law and the North Carolina Bar Association. Certificates are presented to graduating students at the Dean’s Reception during Commencement Weekend.

Additionally, the student run Pro Bono Board recognizes individual students for outstanding achievements in pro bono service at receptions and other events during the school year.

Students are encouraged to continue submitting hours beyond the 75-hour threshold necessary for the certificate at graduation and should complete the reporting (described below) as work is completed. Hours must be reported no later than six months after the work was completed.

Visit this link to log your pro bono hours.

You will be taken to a screen that reads “Elon Service Validation Login.” Enter your Elon username and password, and click “Log In.”

To add hours, click on “Submit a New Pro Bono Service Law Event” across from the header that reads Pro Bono Service (Law).  (You may need to scroll down past Public Law & Leadership to see Pro Bono Service (Law).)

A form then comes up that that allows you to enter the Date of Service, Organization Served, Contact Name and Supervisor Email/Phone Number, Number of Hours, and Description of Service. 

After you’ve entered all required information, click “Submit Service Hours.” The Pro Bono Board will then review your hours and approve or deny them, depending on whether they meet pro bono service requirements.  A list of those requirements can be found here under “What Counts as Pro Bono?”

E-mail with any questions.