Steam Junction Display

Steam Junction is located in downtown Burlington and draws makers from all over Alamance County. In addition to some equipment not found in the Hub, Steam Junction offers workshops and classes run by local makers! (The classes have a small fee associated with them, usually around $10/hour.)


Steam Junction is members-only. Starting on Sept. 1, Elon University will have 5 floating memberships available to all Elon students. The memberships will allow any 5 Elon students to use Steam Junction at once. 

Steam Junction has a short, mandatory orientation you must attend before you can use the space. Contact Steam Junction or email to schedule an orientation. 

For hours, see the Steam Junction Webpage.


Steam Junction provides access some equipment that is not available in the Maker Hub:

5’ x 9’ Shop Bot CNC Machine**
Drill Press
  • Drills holes within pieces of wood, and other materials.
Table Saw
  • Used to cut large materials in straight lines only.
HP Sprout
Laser Cutter** (Coming soon!)
  • Can engrave wood, and some other materials with intricate patterns.

**A small usage/labor fee does apply to these machines


Materials are not provided. You may bring your own or purchase them from Steam Junction. For lumber needs see the North Carolina Hardwood Store.

Questions? Email