Student Leaders

Elon Hillel is a student-run, staff-mentored organization. Students take the lead in creating innovative Jewish programming for the entire campus. 

Sydney Solomon and Elana Spiegel, Presidents of the Elon Hillel student board

2018 Hillel Board

We are thrilled to announce the new Hillel board for 2018. These students are hard working, motivated, and already developing new programs and initiatives for the Jewish students on Elon’s campus.


PresidentsSydney Solomon and Elana Spiegel

Religious Life and Education Chairs: Bayley Weinstein and Rachel Dzik

Shabbat Chairs: Aaron Posner and Rebecca Betterton

Israel Chairs: Josh Solomon and Sara Lewin

Community Development Chairs: Amanda Bingaman and Claire Brodsky 

Social Justice Chairs: Ari Denberg and Regan Fleischer

Historians: Alexis Davis and Erin Healey

Presidents Emeritus: Juliet Goodman and Lea Silverman


2017-2018 Engagement Interns

Through meaningful peer-to-peer engagement, including coffee conversations and other meetings, Elon Hillel’s engagement interns reach out to new students on campus, get to know them, find Hillel programming that will meet their needs and together, help create a vibrant, relevant Jewish experience on our campus.

Please feel free to contact our interns with ANY questions about Elon or Jewish life on campus.

First-Year Engagement Interns


Greensboro Jewish Federation logoThe Elon Hillel Engagement Internship is funded by the LAWRENCE J. AND ANNE RUBENSTEIN FOUNDATION and the GREENSBORO JEWISH FEDERATION


2014-2015 Engagement Interns

2013-2014 Engagement Interns

Allie Roteman, Jeremy Recoon, Morgan Goldstein

2012-2013 Engagement Interns

Julia Denick, Eric Halperin, Carley Gaynes

2011-2012 Engagement Interns

Emily Cable, Mat Goldberg, Arielle Weil


“I just really needed someone to take me by the hand and drag me along to Hillel events to get over that awkward new person stage.”

It turns out that peers not only can reach students in ways that institutions can’t, but they also can do it creatively, imaginatively and with lasting effect

“At Elon it is easy being Jewish; Hillel’s engagement intern program does a great job introducing first years to Jewish life. The program was the connection I needed to get engaged in Jewish life on campus …”  Aaron Marks '16

“I've loved being an intern for Hillel because it's given me an opportunity to get to know the new Jewish students in a way that I would not have otherwise. I like knowing that I have been able to help some of them in their transitions into college and have showed them that they have a home at Hillel.”  Arielle Weil, 2011-2012 intern

Quotes from first-year students:

Coming into this year, my first at Elon, I really was unsure of what I wanted my involvement in Hillel to be. I can honestly say that I am more involved than I initially thought I was going to be. One of the primary reasons for this is my interaction with the Engagement Interns. They sparked my involvement and since then I have absolutely loved every aspect of Hillel.

I know when I first arrived on campus I was a bit lost and really didn’t know what to do during my free time just yet….It was really nice to have the Hillel interns contact me in the beginning of the year asking to meet for lunch or coffee.

My involvement began last summer when an intern contacted me and introduced herself. She was able to answer questions I had about the Hebrew class I then took in the Fall of 2011 and because I had already established a connection with her, I felt comfortable engaging with Hillel.

If it were not for the Engagement Interns reaching out to me the summer before I came, I don’t think I would have been as willing or enthusiastic about going to Hillel events. They accurately represented what it is to be a Jewish student at Elon. They understood our questions, concerns, and knew how nervous we were about asking questions without feeling overwhelmed.

Hillel was a main reason why I had such a smooth, successful transition to college.  Hillel was always there for me, especially when I needed it the most, and I’m forever grateful for that.  The Hillel interns this year did a fantastic job and I feel so lucky to call all of them my friends.  I feel comfortable asking any one of them for help, advice, or just meeting for a cup coffee! 

I found that while I was lost at first in the overwhelming experience of becoming a college student, that I could count on Hillel to be something familiar and welcoming.