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Fall Course Request for Incoming First-Year Students

Welcome to Elon!!

We're excited to have you as one of the newest members of the Elon University community and as a member of the first-year class. We look forward to meeting you and working with you during the next four years.

Your first assignment is to complete the following web-based course request process. We use the information that you submit through this website to register you for courses you will take during your first semester. While it is important for you to review these materials carefully, you can make changes and adjustments to your fall course schedule after you arrive on campus. After reading the following helpful hints, you should be ready to login and complete your course request forms.

Helpful Hints

  1. To login: Use your original User Name and Password as assigned to you by Elon University. Your username and password are included in an information packet that you should have received from Elon's Academic Advising Center.

  2. Follow the steps in order: After logging in you can complete the process by following the steps in numerical order.

  3. Allow yourself plenty of time: Explore the links and read descriptions of Elon's Elon core requirements, majors and courses. If you do not finish all seven pages in one session, you can quit and finish it later. All of your information will be stored until you have submitted the forms electronically. Be mindful, after you submit your forms you cannot login to make adjustments or view materials.

  4. After you submit your forms, look for a pdf file of your Course Request Forms to be sent to your email address.

  5. This process must be completed before June 1st.

  6. If you need general assistance, please contact the Academic Advising Center at 336-278-6500 or preregistration@elon.edu. If you need assistance with retrieving your username and password, contact Technology Help Desk at 336-278-5200.

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