Elon Academy Ambassadors


Elon Academy Ambassadors are Elon Academy Scholars who travel to local elementary and middle schools to inspire students to aspire toward college.  Elon Academy Ambassadors events have included classroom lessons, college fairs, campus tours of Elon, book clubs, “college knowledge” carnival games, motivational speakers, and bilingual parent workshops. We launched Elon Academy Ambassadors with a partnership with North Graham Elementary in 2011. As of 2019, the Elon Academy Ambassador initiative has partnered with 17 schools. “EAA in the Middle”, a partnership with local middle schools, has been an annual part or Elon Academy Ambassadors programming since 2015.

North Graham Elementary (2011)

Altamahaw-Ossipee Elementary School (2011)

Broadview Middle School (2012)

Grove Park Middle School (2012)

Newlin Elementary School (2013)

Grove Park Elementary School (2014)

Haw River Elementary School (2014)

Eastlawn Elementary School (2015)

Southern Middle School (2015)

Sylvan Elementary School (2016)

Graham Middle School (2016)

Eastlawn Elementary (2017)

Hawfields Middle School (2017)

Highland Elementary School (2018)

Broadview Middle School (2018)

Sylvan Elementary (2019)

Broadview Middle School (2019)


“Kobe Goes to College” Children’s Book


In the fall of 2013 the Theta Class of the Elon Academy began work on a children’s book focused on the topic of college access.  That academic year, the sophomore students of the Elon Academy created the text and format of the book.  Over the next two years, these scholars, along with the assistance of fellow scholars and Elon Academy/Elon University Staff, added illustrations and photographs.  The vision came to fruition with the publication of Kobe Goes to College in the spring of 2016.  The fictional book chronicles a pen pal exchange between a brother who has gone to college and his younger, elementary-age sister. This book has been used with all Elon Academy Ambassadors elementary programming since publication and we have gifted hundreds of copies to members of the local community.