The School of Education youth reading program wrapped up its fourth year with a shopping spree for books at Barnes & Noble.The “It Takes a Village” Project began more than five years ago as an extension of a reading methods course; EDU 324, SL: “Literacy Development II/Teaching Struggling Readers.” That is the name found in Elon’s course catalog. We call it something else: “It takes a village: A collaborative assault on the struggling reader dilemma,” or simply, the Village Project. Now in its sixth year, the course fosters an intentional and collaborative relationship among several stakeholders – parents, struggling readers, pre-service teachers, professors, in-service teachers, Elon University alumni, a local public library, a bookstore and a funding organization. This ongoing village work among our many community members has been moving forward with one major outcome in mind – the improvement of elementary and middle school students’ reading skills. To that end, others have joined us along the way. In 2010, The School of Education at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, as well as, the school of Education at Concordia University, Portland, Ore. became partners with us in this Village work. Over the next several years, The Village Project adapted to the requests of community members. Beginning in 2017, the Village shifted locations to operate on Elon’s campus. Volunteers and families meet every week to attend classes for both children and adults. Adults are offered classes teaching English though small group instruction and a computer-based program called, Units of Sound.