Quality research-based tutoring programs produce improvements in reading achievement and can lead to greater self-confidence in reading.

— U.S. Department of Education & U.S.Department of Justice, 2020

What if students in universities supported children in public schools in their local communities to learn?

That is the question we had in mind when the “It Takes a Village” project was founded 13 years ago. Operating from Elon University in North Carolina in the US, the Village Project uses a collaborative approach to help children in surrounding communities who find learning daunting.

The Village Project has seen positive results due to its unique collaborative and solutions-focused approach. Once a week, elementary grade students, their parents, and Elon student volunteers meet for tutoring sessions. The project started in 2008, with 16 elementary grade students and their parents. Today, the project serves approximately 1,200 students in all Title I elementary schools in Alamance County.

Elon student tutors young boy.