It Takes a Village – Concordia University

Concordia University student with a Village student.The Village at Concordia University partners with Faubion School teachers, parents, and students. In 2012, Concordia offered two sections of a class that support the Village focus. In these classes, Concordia students received coaching instruction and then tutoring for nine weeks of their semester. During the afternoon section, parents and teachers gave permission for tutors to work with their struggling 6th graders. During the evening section, parents and families of struggling K – 8th grade readers brought their children to the Concordia University Library for tutorial coaching. The Village at Concordia is looking forward to targeting new ways to respond to struggling middle school students (6 – 8).

It Takes a Village – University of North Carolina at Greensboro

UNCG student with a Village student.The Village at UNC-G started in Spring 2011 in collaboration with Thomasville Elementary School. Preservice teachers in the elementary education program, students, parents and teachers from Thomasville Elementary School were actively involved in the project and saw great impact of the project on the development of both students and preservice teachers. Starting in Fall 2013, the Coalition of Diverse Language Communities (CDLC) at UNC-G will further support the growth of the Village project and expand the collaboration between the UNC-G Village and local schools and communities.