Lizeth and Ashley’s Experience

The Londono family.Me and my wife like reading in the Village because it helps both of our daughters with reading. Ever since they started reading in the Village, we have seen huge differences in their grades. Now they read more often. My older daughter, her vocabulary has improved. She knows more English, and her grammar is much better. My younger daughter, she likes to read a lot. Thanks to you and your students, my daughters are better readers.

– Ary and Alba Londono

The reason why I like reading and the Village is because ever since I started, my grades in Language Arts have gone up. Now, I like to read more. The Elon University students, they have helped me with my reading and writing because I used to just write but I would misspell words. It also helps me with my speaking because now I know how to say some words that I didn’t know how to say before. So that’s why I like reading in the Village.

Lizeth Londono

Some of the things I like about reading in the Village is that it is helping me with my fluency. Now, I love to read. It also helps me with writing and breaking down words so that I know how to pronounce them and what they mean. So that’s why I like reading in the Village.

Ashley Michelle Londono

Carmen’s Experience

Picture of CarmenWhen we were invited to join the Village, I had little information about what to expect. My daughter Carmen was in first grade and was woefully behind in reading because of an eyesight problem that was discovered late. Although Carmen had a great vocabulary and comprehension, she could only read three words when she was assessed in first grade. Her teacher told me that the main obstacle for Carmen was confidence. We tried the tutoring offered at school. For various reasons, it was not helpful and Carmen hated it. The main thing that helped her with the Village tutoring was that they worked with our whole family so she wasn’t away from us for even longer periods of time. We got a one-on-one tutor who was very committed to Carmen’s success. Carmen improved by several reading levels and entered second grade at the appropriate reading level. She tells me now that she is the best reader in her class. The Village added science tutoring and Carmen really enjoyed that as well. The parents engaged in learning Spanish while the kids were doing science. I am so grateful that the Village provided us with a workable solution to Carmen’s problems and continues to work with us to offer rare opportunities and support in all of our challenges.


I like my science tutoring because it is fun and I get to do all sorts of cool experiments and I get snacks halfway through the classes. My favorite science experiment is when we mixed colors.