Advice for Village teachers

Village teachers are inservice teachers who work alongside preservice teachers to support students who struggle. Village teachers are incredibly important to the success of the Village Project because they not only work with struggling readers and their parents; they also act as mentors to the novice teachers who are working to perfect their craft. Many Village teachers are reading specialists who supervise small groups of preservice teachers as they work with tutees and parents. Still, other Village teachers are classroom teachers who are alumni of Elon University and of the Village Project. These young people and advocates of the Village Project return year after year to lend their assistance and expertise to the many students and parents who seek help from the Village.

What to expect on your first day of tutoring:

On the first day of tutoring you will meet your student and his/her parents. Be prepared to really get to know the student. You must build a relationship with them and the family in order to create positive change. As nervous as you may be, they are much more nervous! Make them feel welcome! Have a few “ice-breaker” activities to start the first session. Invite the parent to participate in your activities as well. This will help to establish a relationship.

What to do when your tutee is not engaged in the lesson you worked so diligently to prepare:

First examine your lesson. Is it fun? Does it fit the student’s needs? Does it fit the student’s interests? Motivation is a HUGE piece in teaching. Design activities that relate to the student’s interests. It could be something very simple such as kicking a soccer ball between reading breaks.