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Our Art History alumni are awesome and this isn’t just our opinion. MacKenzie Stroh Hines, who was the youngest ever Executive Director of Operations for the Greenville Arts Council in Greenville, Mississippi was recognized in 2010 in the inaugural class of the top 10 under 10, an award given to Elon’s most promising young Alumni. But MacKenzie is not alone. In our relatively short but significant history, we have graduated some stellar people. Don’t believe us? Check out the Alumni profiles below. These are just a few of our success stories. We don’t know how Elon got along without Art History for so long, and looking at some of our Alumni profiles below, it’s a good thing for Elon that ARH@Elon came along!

Featured Alumni Spotlight 

Elizabeth Morris ’06


  • M.S. in Library Science, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
  • B.A. in Art, Elon University
  • Minors in Art History and Business, Elon University 

Current Job: Assistant Librarian for the Yale Center for British Art, Reference Library and Archives – Yale University, New Haven, CT

How did you choose your career path?

At first, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, I just knew that I loved art and art history. Art History was only offered as a minor so I focused on studio arts concentrating in painting and sculpture. While at Elon, I worked in Belk Library for three years and I loved it! Looking at what people were checking out was interesting to me as an artist trying to generate ideas.

After I graduated, I decided to get my masters in library science to pursue a career as an Art Librarian. I was able to do an internship at Belk Library (Elon University) in the special collections and archives, digitizing the historical postcard collection. It was a great project that made me more interested in working with unique items that relate visually to the artist side of me and relate to the process of generating resources that enrich academic life.

Can you tell us a bit about your current job?

I have a variety of tasks and duties at the Yale Center for British Art that keep me engaged. One of the greatest things about working in an art museum is being surrounded objects, getting to study them, interacting with them and assisting other researchers with that as well. It’s been very rewarding working with the Yale community. I provide references services to our researchers, outreach and instruction to Yale students, both undergraduate and graduate, and my main avenue of research is the preservation program I’ve created for the reference library’s collection. I assess the collection and perform in house treatments on the books. I’ve been training in book conservation for six years, allowing me to utilize my studio art skills and art history background.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I would say it’s the conservation aspect. Caring for the collections and being able to preserve them for future researchers is particularly important to me. The visual materials I work with are points of research and information that are invaluable to the scholarly field of art history. It’s my love of research, art history, visual materials and the ability to work with my hands that allows me to be able to preserve and treat these objects with the care they warrant.

What is an experience you would like to highlight?

A couple of years ago I curated an exhibition, “Moving Earth: ‘Capability’ Brown, Humphry Repton and the Creation of the English Landscape.” That year the Yale Center for British art was closed so I used the exhibit as a way to do outreach and keep the center visible at Yale. It took place in the Sterling Memorial Library Memorabilia Room and had a little over a hundred objects in the exhibition. I also created an online exhibition component to serve as a future research resource. It was a fun opportunity to research an exhibition and showcase the books and some of our paper based collections!

Online Exhibition Link – 

Did you have an art history course at Elon that was particularly helpful/remarkable?

Kirstin Ringelberg’s class, Impressionism and Japanese Art, has stuck with me, ever since graduating. I found it an incredible subject to study. We looked at works created in the Edo period in Japan. It made me appreciate woodblock prints in a whole new light. Their ability to travel, to be produced so skillfully, shared so widely, and how much it influenced the rest of Europe in terms of artistic movements and styles. It was my favorite class at Elon! I enjoyed the process of the research paper for the class. It’s really stayed with me how Dr. Ringelberg was so supportive and encouraging.

Would you have an Art History major if Elon had offered one in 2006?

Yes! Looking back on the experience, I’m glad I was kind of pushed into having to do an art major. I took a painting class my fall semester of freshman year and fell in love with it. I leaned more to art history courses, being able to study and understand art. If I could go back I would want to do a double major in both!

What advice do you have for current students studying Art History?

There are so many potential avenues for different career paths in the field of Art History. It’s good to think about art history in a more dynamic, interdisciplinary way. I would recommend really exploring the depths of those options. Reach out to people in those fields, in the positions that you think you might enjoy because talking to someone and getting to know what it’s actually like is really important. Take internships and volunteer whenever you can!

Written by Alyssa Caffrey ’20

Alumni Spotlights

Nichole RawlingsBrenau University has appointed Nichole Rawlings ’10 as director of galleries and custodian of the permanent art collection

Elizabeth CApelArt History/Lumen Prize alumna Elizabeth Capel ’13 published in undergraduate research journal

David TurnerRecent alumnus David Turner ’14 has been a contributor to Rolling Stone and Pitchfork

Where did they go?

Although the Art History major is less than 10 years old our alumni have been accepted into top graduate programs for Art History, Art Criticism, Museum Studies, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Law, and Information and Library Science. Every Art History student who has applied to graduate school has been accepted to the program they most desired.We currently have or have had students attend programs at:

  • American University
  • University of the Arts in Philadelphia
  • University of California at Berkeley
  • University of California at Riverside
  • Chatham University
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Corcoran College of Art & Design
  • Drexel University
  • Florida State University
  • New York University
  • NYU Steinhardt
  • Université Paris-Sorbonne
  • Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London
  • Stonybrook University
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • University of Virginia

Alumni Directory

  • Adams, Brooksie (Minor 2007)
  • Allen, Laura (Major 2011)
  • Armbrust, Lauren (Major 2011)
  • Avallone, Anna (Major 2012)
  • Baker, Alex (Major 2009)
  • Berge, Meredith (Major 2011)
  • Bishop, Jim (Minor 2006)
  • Branch, Courtney (Minor 2006)
  • Brandt, Kiley (Major 2014)
  • Brown, Danielle (Major 2017)
  • Bryant, Lindsay (Major 2009)
  • Butler, Travis (Major 2010)
  • Capel, Elizabeth (Major 2013)
  • Carter, Maggie (Minor 2016)
  • Chang, Elizabeth (Major 2015)
  • Clark, Rhi (Major 2012)
  • Clements, Dylan (Major 2011)
  • Coble, Chase (Minor 2017)
  • Cooper, Elisa (Major 2012)
  • Davidson, Tyler (Minor 2006)
  • Davis, Austin (Minor 2006)
  • Davis, Sara (Major 2007)
  • Day, Erin (Major 2011)
  • DeHoff, Katy (Major 2013)
  • Doose, Victoria (Major 2012)
  • Edelblut, Allison (Major 2008)
  • Feldman, Olivia (Major 2012)
  • Fernandes-Martin, Hannah (Major 2017)
  • Fraser, Ellen (Major 2014)
  • Glosser, Caitlin (Major 2012)
  • Goodall, Justin (Minor 2005)
  • Goodrich Sanderford, Farley (Minor 2005)
  • Hakanson, Erika (Major 2011)
  • Hall, Victoria (Minor 2005)
  • Hamrick, Abigail (Major 2013)
  • Hempel, Jen (Major 2011)
  • Hill, Bethany (Major 2015)
  • Hines, MacKenzie Stroh (Minor 2007)
  • Hirama, Jason (Minor 2007)
  • Kennedy, Amanda (Major 2011)
  • Keough, Jess (Minor 2007)
  • King, Annabelle (Minor 2017)
  • Kolochina, Sofia (Major 2017)
  • LeMoulec (Beatty), Sarah (Major 2012)
  • Little, Alexa (Minor 2007)
  • Malley, Melissa (Minor 2006)
  • Morris, Beth (Minor 2006)
  • Mumme, Leslie (Minor 2006)
  • Pahos, Maggie (Major 2011)
  • Paul, Katelyn (Major, 2012)
  • Pineda, Alaina (Major 2009)
  • Pineda, Gia Carina (Major 2017)
  • Pulk, Elaine (Major 2011)
  • Rathvon, Brittany (Major 2016)
  • Rawlings, Nichole (Major 2010)
  • Reilova, Maria (Minor 2017)
  • Schwartz, Lindsey (Major 2012)
  • Sherry, Alex (Minor 2015)
  • Siebert, Megan (Minor 2005)
  • Simmons, Sarah (Major 2009)
  • Smith, Victoria (Minor 2007)
  • Spencer, Melissa (Major 2009)
  • Spradling, Thomas (Minor 2007)
  • Standard, Logan (Minor 2017)
  • Stahl, Whitney (Minor 2005)
  • Staub, Rhiannon (Minor 2007)
  • Stroyke, Brady Anne (Major 2017)
  • Sullivan, Mary (Major 2015)
  • Sweeney, Megan (Minor 2016)
  • Tower, Nicole (Major 2013)
  • Tucker, Emma (Major 2015)
  • Turner, David (Major 2014)
  • Vickerson, Caroline (Major 2013)
  • Weil, Arielle (Major 2014)
  • White, Meghan (Major 2014)
  • Wikeen, Jaimie (Major 2009)
  • Zimmerman, Rachel (Major 2013)