Bachelor of Science in Engineering

The four-year degree program will launch in Fall 2018. This BS degree is designed to provide future engineers with the broad-based knowledge in the arts and sciences and deep-disciplinary knowledge in engineering. Students participating in the BS degree program will be able to choose a concentration in biomedical engineering, computer engineering, or develop their own concentration. As with the dual-degree program foundational engineering courses are offered by our faculty every term. Students are able to create a full Elon experience with the engineering degree exploring study abroad opportunities and intentional mentored experiences such as undergraduate research and internships.

An engineering degree with advanced studies in other disciplines

Given the flexibility of the four-year engineering program students have an opportunity to pursue studies in other disciplines such as business, entrepreneurship, professional writing and rhetoric, a world language, or any other academic areas for which we offer minors.


We are pursuing accreditation of our four-year degree program through Accreditation Board for Engineering (ABET) and anticipate we will be reviewed for accreditation in 2020.

Current Enrollment

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
20 students 12 students 9 students 3 students