In support of the principle of academic freedom, but also mindful of the need for appropriate consistency, the Elon University’s English Department approves the right of its faculty members to establish individual guidelines for student class attendance, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The syllabus for each class should clearly state the attendance policy.
  2. In addition to including the policy on the syllabus, the professor should explain it orally and remind students of it as absences begin to accrue.
  3. The professor should inform students that they are responsible for material and assignments whether or not the absence was excused.
  4. Before a student exceeds the established number of absences, the professor should notify him or her and the Academic Advising Center.
  5. If the student continues to accrue absences after such warnings, the professor should notify the Dean of Elon College, The College of Arts and Sciences, and recommend that the student be dropped from the class.
  6. Excessive absence due to extended illness or confirmed disability. The Department wishes to cooperate with such students as fully as possible. However, the nature of some courses, such as those heavily based on in-class workshops or internships, may make it impossible for such students to keep up. In such a case, the professor may ask them to withdraw. For other courses, the professor will document the absences with Academic Advising, attempt to stay in touch with the student (although students should initiate such contacts), and in some cases may require a written contract stating how the missed work will be made up.