Honors Fellows

Highly motivated students who want to expand their worldviews and challenge their own perceptions find themselves at home in Elon’s Honors Fellows Program.

For students in any major.

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Elon College Fellows

You’re fascinated with psychology. Intrigued by art history. You want to delve deeper into the workings and applications of modern biology and genetics. Students like you have found the rigor, challenge and diversity of learning experiences they demand in the Elon College Fellows Program.

For majors in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and mathematical and natural sciences.

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Business Fellows

The Business Fellows Program puts students on the fast track to excel in the competitive and exciting world of business.

For majors in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, international economics, management and marketing.

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Communications Fellows

File reports from an international conference in Lithuania. Document the lives of Namibian children living with AIDS. Publish your research in the nation’s first undergraduate communications research journal.

For majors in journalism, strategic communications, cinema & television arts, media analytics, communication design and sport management.

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Teaching Fellows

Engaged citizens. Teacher scholars. Future leaders. The Elon Teaching Fellows Program prepares students to become influential decision-makers on local, state, national and international levels.

For majors in teacher education.

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Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows

Leadership is about more than holding a position. The Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Program will help you understand the dynamics of leadership, cultivate the skills and attributes of a responsible leader, translate your goals to reality, and learn to be a catalyst for positive change.

For students in any major who want to maximize their leadership potential.

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