“Phoenix Winds” Wind Ensemble

Who can participate in the Phoenix Winds?

Any student at Elon University with previous experience playing a wind or percussion instrument is eligible to participate in the Phoenix Winds.

Do I have to be a music major to join?

No, all students regardless of major are welcome! The band has members representing a wide variety of majors.

Do I have to audition to join?

No. There is no audition to join, however there is a part placement audition at the first rehearsal.

Will I have time to be in the Phoenix Winds?

Absolutely! The Phoenix Winds meet only once a week. on Tuesday nights from 7:15-9:15. The low time commitment allows you to continue to play great music, but also have time to participate in marching band or other musical ensembles, as well as take advantage of the other academic, service, and social experiences that Elon offers!

What kind of music does the Phoenix Winds play?

The Phoenix Winds is a contemporary wind band that performs a wide variety of music including the classic and traditional repertoire for winds as well as modern, avant-garde wind repertoire, and everything in between.

Why should I join the Phoenix Winds?

There are many reasons to join the Phoenix Winds including: continuing your musical education and getting to participate in a great ensemble experience, having the opportunity to perform creative programs with a variety of exceptional, high-quality works, taking part in unique opportunities such as recording and performing world premieres of new music commissioned specifically for the Phoenix Winds, performing with spectacular guest artists, working directly with composers, and collaborating on special performances with other artistic genres such as dance and visual art! The reasons are endless!

What do I have to do to join?

Contact Director of Bands, Dr. Jonathan Poquette, via email at jpoquette@elon.edu and let him know you are interested. Then register for MUS 101 during your fall/spring registration.


“Fire of the Carolinas” Marching Band

Do I have to audition to join the band?

No! All Elon Students with previous experience in band or color guard are welcome to join. Part auditions for the drum line will be held during pre-season camp.

Can I join if I've never done marching band before?

Yes! No previous marching band experience is required, however you must have previous instrumental or guard experience.

Will I have time to be marching band?

Absolutely! The time requirement is much less than most high school programs. The band rehearses just 2 days a week from 3:45-5:25.

How many shows does the "Fire of the Carolinas" perform each season?

We perform high energy, crowd pleasing half time shows at each home football game, plus a pre-game show and wide variety of stands tunes.

Do marching band members receive any scholarships?

Yes! Members receive a scholarship ranging from $500-$1,000 just for participating!

Why should I join "The Fire of the Carolinas"?

Members of the FOTC find that the friendships and memories they make during marching band are among the most lasting of their lives. The camaraderie and family environment within the band is outstanding, and you will enter college with a large network of friends from a wide variety of majors. Also, performing great music for thousands of cheering fans at every game is pretty awesome, too!

Is there a band camp before school starts?

Yes! Pre-season camp begins approximately 10 days before school starts and is mandatory for all members. Members are allowed to move into their University housing at that time, free of charge. Great way to beat the crowd!

How do I join the band?

Contact Dr. Jonathan Poquette, Director of Bands, via email at jpoquette@elon.edu and let him know you are interested. Then just register for MUS 109 during your fall registration.


Elon Basketball Band

Who can join the basketball band?

All Elon University students who play a wind instrument, drum set, or electric bass are eligible to join the basketball band.

Do I have to be in marching band to be in basketball band?

No, you do not have to be in the marching band to participate. However, most basketball band members do participate in the “Fire of Carolinas”.

When does the basketball band perform?

The basketball band performs at home Elon Men’s and Women’s basketball games. Members are expected to play at as many games as possible; conflicts are worked out on a game-by-game basis.

Does the band travel?

YES! The band travels to both the Men’s and Women’s Colonial Athletic Associate conference tournaments in cities such as Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. the band may also travel to NCAA tournament games!

Do the band members receive any scholarships?

YES! Each member of the basketball band receives a small stipend based on the number of game played during the season.

When doe the basketball season start and stop?

Basketball season starts in early November and ends in March. Members are not required to attend games over winter break, however all students who are available for winter break games are welcome and needed!

Is there an audition to join?

No. All students are welcome to join. There is a small part placement audition for wind players and a skill assessment for drum set and bass players. Email Dr. Jonathan Poquette at jpoquette@elon.edu and tell him you’re interested.

Why should I join the basketball band?

There are many reasons to join the band including performing awesome music ranging from old school to modern popular music, making friends with some of the best people on campus, traveling, scholarships, and having A LOT OF FUN performing for thousands of fans at every game!