The Role of Activism for the Women’s, Gender, & Sexualities Studies Program at Elon University

In the area of activism, the WGSS program will focus mostly on its role as the academic home for WGSS issues on campus. Even within WGSS, great diversity of viewpoints exists about these areas of study and concern and no one activist voice can come from the program; instead, many ideas and voices can be supported by the program. Our role is to foster communication and discussion of issues relevant to WGSS.

The WGSS program will support activism in the following ways:
  • Encourage and serve as a resource for EFFECT (Elon Feminist for Equality, Change and Transformation) and other student projects that have an advocacy or activism component (e.g., WGS 300 activist projects)
  • Assist students in locating and securing funding or other assistance for academic research projects, conferences, and internships
  • Support the scholarly study of activism in WGSS courses
  • Partner with other groups across campus to raise the profile of WGSS work and concerns of WGSS
  • Support, collaborate, and encourage academic projects, speakers, and events promoted by already in-place campus organizations as they relate to areas of the WGSS mission statement. Such organizations include LGBTQIA and Gender Center, Inclusive Community Council, and Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education.