For summer 2018 language assessments FOR NEW STUDENTS: Testing has closed for now.  


On-campus Language Assessment Dates

Language assessment exams will be offered again on campus in late August. Check this page in mid-August for the dates, times and locations.

Date Time Languages Location

Language Assessments Calendar

NOTE: Assessments in Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew are offered only on campus.  Contact for more information.

For incoming new students (first-years and transfers): Assessments are offered on-line for French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish in May and from late-July to mid-August. Assessments are offered on campus during new student orientation, during the first week of classes and during the final week of September (prior to the October 1 deadline).

For continuing students and new students: Assessments are offered on campus during the first week of classes for each semester and prior to registration for the following semester.

To see the current specific dates, click here.

To make an appointment to take the language assessment, click below:


Attempts to access language assessment exams outside of specified testing dates will be considered a violation of the Honor Code.