Elon Innovation Challenge

Got a great idea? Want to work on a great idea?

The Innovation Challenge is a cross-campus collaboration between Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Communications, Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, School of Health Sciences, School of Education, and School of Law. Interdisciplinary teams develop a project, start up or product throughout the academic year, and  present their work during spring semester, competing for a monetary prize.

Idea Pitch Competition

Students from all majors are invited to pitch an idea, join a team to support a peer’s idea, or just watch and have fun!

The challenge is open to any idea or problem that you want to solve. All ideas, concepts, products or services, including social and non-profit ventures, are welcome.

The Pitch

No advanced prep is needed. This is an informal presentation – no visual aids or handouts, please. Simply attend and in one minute or less explain your idea to the audience.

Sample Pitches

Examples of Previous Pitches:

“Muck Brush”

A brush that attaches to the bottom of a pick-up truck that can retract to hide beneath the vehicle, and then extends out for folks to wipe the mud off of their boots before entering the vehicle. Marketed to people who work outdoors a lot such as construction, landscaping, etc.

“Our Watch”

A social justice app that transmits video data to both the police and a third party site. This is aimed at creating more transparency between the police and the public by transmitting cell phone and dashcam video to a database that will sort and store the information.

Date rape drug test kit

A hair tie designed to detect the presence of date rape drugs in beverages.

Food delivery service

Service takes food from various locations and distribute to local shelters.


Challenge Co-Chairs

Committee Members

Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Elon College, College of Arts & Sciences
Martin Kamela, Elon College, College of Arts & Sciences
David McGraw, Elon College, College of Arts & Sciences
Karl Sienerth, Elon College, College of Arts & Sciences
Scott Spurlock, Elon College, College of Arts & Sciences
Scott Wolter, Elon College, College of Arts & Sciences
Jessica Gisclair, School of Communications
Derek Lackaff, School of Communications
Tony Weaver, School of Communications
Stephen Folger, School of Health Sciences
Scott Morrison, School of Education
John Flynn, School of Law
Dan Reis, Teaching & Learning Technologies
Nicole Filippo, Love School of Business
Elena Kennedy, Love School of Business
Sean McMahon, Love School of Business
Alyssa Martina, Doherty Center
Michael Spencer, Doherty Center