Why pursue an M.S. in Accounting?

CPA Ready

Research has shown that candidates with an M.S. in Accounting degree are better prepared for careers in public accounting. They score significantly higher on the CPA exam than students who only have a B.S. degree.

Students who earn the M.S. in Accounting degree at Elon will more than double the number of accounting course hours they take, thus obtaining a stronger accounting knowledge base.

Career Advancement

M.S. in Accounting graduates are promoted faster than their B.S. counterparts. Research shows they also earn 37 percent more in their careers than accounting graduates who hold only the B.S. degree.

Why study at Elon?

Our M.S. in Accounting program:

  • Can be completed in as little as 10 months
  • Offers increased qualifications across the U.S. Different states require different coursework for obtaining the CPA license, and our program is designed to meet the requirements of all 50 states
  • Is taught by faculty who reflect the best of the academic and professional worlds. You’ll work with professors who skillfully blend academic practice with real world experience.