MSA 2022-2023 Class Schedule

Summer Session II 2022

  • ACC 6020: Business Ethics for Accounting Professionals (required)

Fall Semester 2022

  • ACC 6400: Research and Communications for Accounting Professionals (required)
  • ACC 6420: Taxation of Business Entities (required)
  • ACC 6520: Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services (required)
  • ACC 6350: Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting (required)

Winter Term 2023

  • ACC 6320: International Accounting (elective)

Spring Semester 2023

  • ACC 6300: Advanced Financial Accounting (required)
  • ACC 6500: Accounting Analytics (required)
  • ACC 6510: Fraud Examination (elective)
  • ACC 6530: Information Technology and Risk Control (required)

One of the two elective courses can be an MBA or MSBA course but must be approved by the MBA/MSBA and MSA Faculty Program Coordinators.

During Summer Session II students will complete ACC 6020 and ACC 6320 or another elective will be completed in the Winter Term. During fall and spring semesters students will complete four courses per semester.