The market for graduate business education is changing. Applicants are younger and demand more specialized training. Elon’s M.S. in Management program is specifically designed to meet those changes. Unlike MBA programs, which traditionally require several years of work experience, we seek applicants right out of their undergraduate programs. Then, we combine a core of business essentials with high demand concentrations in organizational analytics and corporate communications. The Elon M.S. in Management program provides highly desired skills that open doors of employment opportunity and give our graduates tremendous flexibility in their careers.

M.S. in Management vs. MBA

M.S. in Management MBA
Features Combines business fundamentals with intense, specialized skills designed for management of a technical area Solid, broad-based background in core business principles designed for organizational leadership and strategic management
Concentration 15 credit hours of selected concentration 9 credit hours of optional elective focus
Professional Experience No previous work experience required 2+ years of professional work experience
Enrollment Date September September & March
Program Length 10 month, 33 credit hours
Part-time and Full-time options
2-3 years 39, credit hours
Part-time, flexible
Class Schedule Monday through Thursday (evenings only) Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (evenings only)
Study Abroad Winter and Spring options
Cost $909/credit hour $909/credit hour

A look at the differences between the M.A. in Interactive Media and the M.S. in Management – Corporate Communications

M.S. in Management (Corporate Communications) M.A. in Interactive Media
Features The M.S. in Management degree prepares students to develop and manage strategic corporate communication programs. The M.A. in Interactive Media degree prepares students to think strategically across media platforms; plan and create interactive media content consisting of text, images, sounds, video and graphics; and manage information for interactive news, entertainment and persuasive communications.
Program Length 10 months, 33 credit hours
Part-time and Full-time options
10 months, 36 credit hours
Cost $35,451 (or $29,997 if student places out of foundation courses in accounting and finance) $38,464 (Includes study abroad and software package), Merit-based scholarships ranging from $4,000 – 12,000
Class Schedule Monday through Thursday
6 – 9 p.m.
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Jobs/Titles Account Executive, Project Manager, Social Media Director, Director of Employee Communications Web Designer, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, User Interface Designer
Sample Courses Organizational Communications, Reputation Management, Global and Intercultural Communications Interactive Media Strategies, Multimedia Storytelling, SEO, Analytics and Social Media
Degree Awarded Master of Science Master of Arts