Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning

Faculty Advisory Board Members


Headshot of Margaret Chapman

Margaret Chapman
Lecturer in English




Headshot of Shannon Duvall

Shannon Duvall
Associate Professor of Computing Sciences




headshot of Erin Hone

Erin Hone
Lecturer in Education




headshot of assistant professor, Raj Ghoshal

Raj Ghoshal
Assistant Professor of Sociology




headshot of Charity Johansson

Charity Johansson
Professor of Physical Therapy Education




headshot of Phillip Motley

Phillip Motley
Associate Professor of Communications




Cora Palfyheadshot of Cora Palfy
Assistant Professor of Music




Brandon Sheridanheadshot of Brandon Sheridan
Associate Professor of Economics




headshot of Jennifer Uno

Jennifer Uno
Associate Professor of Biology