Why does my section have different assignments than my roommate's section?

All sections support the same course objectives, but they work towards those objectives in different ways, depending on students’ needs and faculty interests. If you have questions about how your section meets the course objectives, please visit with your instructor.

I earned good grades in my high school English class. Why do I have to take English 110?

English 110 is designed to help you build on your high school writing experiences to create a stronger foundation for the types of writing you will complete in classes across the curriculum during your studies at Elon. As a result, the course focuses on rhetorical strategies for persuasive writing and fosters your development of a more sophisticated writing process. It also helps you develop strategies for writing for the different audiences and purposes you will encounter for your writing at Elon.

I'm a good writer. How will English 110 help me become a better writer?

English 110 faculty will introduce you to additional invention, drafting, revising, and editing strategies that will help you enhance your individualized writing process. They also will help you develop rhetorical strategies for identifying the specific audience and purpose for your writing and then tailoring your writing to that rhetorical situation. Furthermore, English 110 will give you additional practice honing your writing process and implementing rhetorical strategies simply by offering opportunities to write and to receive feedback on your writing. English 110 faculty strive to help all their students improve as writers and to design an academically challenging course. If you feel like your writing isn’t improving, talk to your instructor about setting individualized learning goals for the remainder of the class.

I was placed in English 100 and English 110. Why am I enrolled in two writing courses?

English 100 is a four-credit-hour course that is taken concurrently with English 110: College Writing, a First Year Foundations course. The goal of English 100 is to provide extended instruction in writing as a process for first-semester students. English 100 is a valuable educational experience, one that better prepares students for the many different writing situations they will experience both as students at Elon and as engaged citizens outside of the academy. Since we are eager to make our placement decisions as accurate as possible, we offer all students who place into English 100 an opportunity to have their writing skills evaluated. Interested students are invited to take the English Writing Placement test and to submit an optional portfolio of additional writing samples. Students eligible to take the English Writing Placement test will receive directions for accessing the online placement in mid-summer.