The impact of the the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been wide ranging and has affected all aspects of our society. In response to the pandemic, the School of Communications has created this informational hub highlighting resources, initiatives and FAQs to assist students, faculty and staff.


Attendance & Participation

The School of Communications has temporarily suspended its uniform attendance policy to allow faculty to set their own course policies related to attendance. Faculty in the school still believe that students must be fully engaged in all aspect of their courses, regardless of whether they are taught on campus, online or in a hybrid mode of instruction. Just as faculty are expected to clarify their own attendance policies, students are responsible for attending class and making sure they understand the attendance requirements of each professor. Class participation, as defined by the instructor, is essential for learning and a key criterion for faculty to evaluate student performance in a class.


Unlike the spring when classes were interrupted mid-semester, the university will return to the traditional use of the pass/fail option. Please note that students cannot use the pass/fail option in classes within their major, minor and the Elon Core Curriculum. For more information on the Pass/Fail option, visit the 2020-21 Academic Catalog Pass Fail Elective Policy.

COVID-19 Policies for Production Spaces and Student Organizations

The School of Communications COVID-19 Policies for Production Spaces and Student Organizations have been written to ensure safe and healthy working environments in our studios, control rooms, student office spaces, the Gear Room and on-location shoots. In order to keep our community safe, the guidelines in this handbook are required. Indeed, the Elon Honor Code calls on each of us to make a solemn, personal commitment every day to protect our own health and the health of others.

Minor, Double Major, Semester Abroad Requirement

To promote academic depth, School of Communications must complete a minor, double major or semester abroad (12 credit hours or more) in an Elon-approved program. Students who are unable to complete the semester abroad experience to meet this requirement due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, should review the possible options and discuss the best option for completing this requirement with their academic adviser.

Internship Update

The School of Communications has provided a number of options to maximize opportunities for students to earn internship credit.

Advising Update

To address possible questions related to advising and the impact of COVID-19, the School of Communications has created responses to the following frequently asked questions.

New Waitlist Option

During the upcoming registration period, if a class is closed when you register, you will have the option to waitlist most School of Communications courses (with the exception of COM 100 and SPT 212). Details are available here.

Online & Hybrid Instruction Resources (For Students)

Students, please be aware that the following resources are available:

Equipment for Instruction

  • All students should have a pair of headphones with a microphone. This equipment may be necessary during remote classes, in-class instruction with laptops, and working on desktop computers in the labs.

Prospective Student Tours

Visit us remotely

The School of Communications is hosting virtual tours of its facilities through the summer to provide prospective students an opportunity to “see” the campus for themselves.

The tours, provided by faculty and staff members, last approximately 60 minutes and are offered during normal work hours Monday through Friday. The tours are held via WebEx or Zoom.

Visitors will get a look at the school’s facilities virtually via a slideshow, and students are welcome to ask questions along the way. Come find out what it’s like to be a student studying and living “Under the Oaks.”

To register for a tour, submit a request online.

Student perspective


The ElonCommCollective is a peer-to-peer initiative in the School of Communications that provides students with information about new COVID-19 policies on campus. The communication project, led by nine undergraduates, kicked off in July with the publication of its first video titled “Why I Wear A Mask.”

Follow the ElonCommCollective on Instagram and Twitter.