The following requirements apply to all majors in the School of Communications. To promote academic depth, students majoring in JOU, STC, CTA, CDE, MEA or SPT must complete a minor, double major or semester abroad (12 credit hours or more) in an Elon-approved program.

Students who are unable to complete the semester abroad experience to meet this requirement due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, should discuss the best option for completing this requirement with their academic adviser.

The School of Communications has provided the following options for rising juniors and seniors who are unable to complete a semester abroad before graduation.


  1. Complete a minor outside the major: most outside minors require 20 to 24 credit hours. If a student has already completed courses leading to a minor, the student may complete that minor by taking additional courses. Students who are majoring in JOU, STC, CTA, CDE or MEA may complete a minor in SPT. Students majoring in SPT may complete a COM minor. Students in all majors may also complete a minor outside of the School of Communications.
  2. Complete a double-major outside the major: students who have already taken numerous courses in a selected major outside of the school, should consider the possibility of completing a double-major. Many majors outside of the school (particularly in the Arts & Sciences) require 44-48 credit hours. To encourage students in JOU, SPT, CTA, CDE or MEA to complete a double-major, 8 hours of elective credits will be waived (does not apply to SPT).
  3. Request the dean waive the requirement: in the very rare event a student is unable to study abroad or complete a minor or double-major, the student may appeal to the dean of the School of Communications to waive this requirement. This option is only available during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis period. Students should initiate a conversation regarding a waiver with their respective academic adviser, who will contact the dean. *As part of the waiver request, students must have completed 72 hours outside the School of Communications and completed two ELRs.

Students who are majoring in JOU, STC, CTA, CDE or MEA should select courses to ensure that they complete 72 hours outside of their major and COM prefix courses. Referred to as the “72-hour rule,” this accreditation requirement is indicated on a student’s degree audit.

A semester abroad is one way that a student may satisfy a university ELR requirement. The options above for students who are unable to complete a semester abroad do NOT satisfy the ELR requirement. The ELR is a requirement of the Elon Core Curriculum.