Meet the Internship Ambassadors

Photo of Ashlyn DeLoughy

Ashlyn DeLoughy

Majors: Journalism; Dance Performance & Choreography

Graduation Year: 2022

Previous Internships:
• RadicalMedia

Advice: Don’t limit yourself by not applying for internships you think you may not be qualified for or may not be directly related to the career you want.

Photo of Jacqueline Dieker

Jacqueline Dieker

Majors: Communication Design; Strategic Communications

Graduation Year: 2022

Previous Internships:
• JusticeApp, Inc.

Advice: Brand yourself and strengthen your online presence. In any communications field, it is integral to have a portfolio highlighting applicable work samples. Be active on social media and follow organizations you are interested in. Finally, ask questions during the interview process.

Photo of Ethan Porter

Ethan Porter

Major: Journalism

Graduation Year: 2022

Previous Internship:
• Elon University - School of Communications (Elon Comm Collective)

Advice: Apply for everything. Read your responses out loud to see how it feels before you submit the application.

Photo of Alexandra Strouse

Alexandra Strouse

Majors: Strategic Communications; Dance Performance & Choreography

Graduation Date: 2022

Previous Internships:
• Elon University - Center for Design Thinking
• Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Advice: Use school resources, keep an open mindset, and prepare your application materials in advance!