Communications Internship Checklist

Congratulations on securing an internship! To ensure a smooth process for earning academic credit for your internship, please follow the steps below. (Download a PDF of the checklist and guidelines.)


  • Student should register and attend the SOC’s REQUIRED Internship Prep Seminars the semester PRIOR to their first academic internship. This can be done from the Internship webpage. If you are studying abroad and plan an internship upon your return, please sign up for the seminars in advance of your trip abroad.
  • Student should talk with their internship site supervisor to develop a list of duties. This will be needed for your registration form. Often, supervisors also want to know how many hours are required. Please share with them – Minimum 1 credit = 80 work hours, 2 credits = 160 hours.
  • Once you have obtained your internship, please sign up to ‘Register for the Internship Course’ with the Internship Director, Prof. Tonkins, from the the SOC Internship webpage. You will receive an online registration link one day prior to your appointment in the reminder email. Please complete the online form in advance of your appointment. Your registration form will be reviewed during the appointment. If a student is completing an internship abroad, the student must also visit the Isabella Cannon International Centre and complete the ‘Independent Elon Program Abroad (IEPA) Student Information Form’.
  • Professor Tonkins will email your site supervisor to verify your academic credit, to obtain a digital approval of your learning goals and duties, and to provide school requirements. Internship approval is provided after your supervisor has signed off on your duties. Please follow up with supervisor.
  • Registration will be processed and you will be added to Moodle after completion of seminars. Please review the syllabus and Moodle prior to your departure from school/internship start.
  • The Bursar’s office will bill you if this is a summer course, or you exceed the maximum credit hours during the regular term (18) or winter term (4).
  • Student has worked out a schedule (hours) for the semester with the internship site supervisor. Student has completed all pre-internship assignments prior to the start of internship and/or departure from school. Have a wonderful learning experience!
  • Please refer to Moodle and your syllabus for all Internship course assignments! Report as indicated on the syllabus to Professor Tonkins about internship progress. Please provide updated ePortfolio link as indicated on syllabus.
  • Student has completed intern presentation with Professor Tonkins, faculty and peers on the day before classes for the summer, or assigned time for term.
  • Congratulations, you’re a success!