The Interactive Media program’s intensive, full-time schedule prepares students to work in professional media, technology and design roles in 10 months – less than half the time of a typical MA program. This means students are back in the workforce more quickly, with the skills and portfolio to pursue cutting-edge job opportunities. Our fast-paced and highly engaged learning environment is designed for those with excellent time management skills, the ability to work hard, and a desire to collaborate closely with peers. The support among students, faculty and staff colleagues helps to maintain motivation and momentum. The time will fly by, but students always find Interactive Media a professionally and personally transformative experience.

The Interactive Media academic calendar runs from August through May, beginning with an intensive two-week “bootcamp” and concluding with the awarding of diplomas.

2022-2023 Calendar

Fall Semester 2022

August 1Monday
Bootcamp Begins
August 12Friday
Bootcamp Concludes
August 23Tuesday
Classes Begin
October 6Thursday
Mid-Semester Assessments Due at 3:00 PM
October 12Wednesday
Fall Break Begins Following Evening Classes
October 17Monday
Fall Break Ends at 8:00 AM
November 4Friday
Registration for Winter & Spring 2023
November 18Friday
Thanksgiving Holiday Begins After Evening Classes
November 28Monday
Thanksgiving Holiday Ends at 8:00 AM
December 2Friday
Classes End
December 5-9Monday-Friday
December 13Tuesday
Grades Due at 12:00 PM

2022-2023 Calendar

Winter Term 2023

January 1Sunday
Study Away Travel May Begin as Early as This Date
January 12Thursday
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
January 23Monday
Classes End
January 24Tuesday
January 26Thursday
Grades Due at 12:00 PM

Spring Semester 2023

January 30Monday
Classes Begin
March 10Friday
Spring Break Begins Following Afternoon Classes
March 20Monday
Spring Break Ends at 8:00 AM
March 22Wednesday
Mid-Semester Assessments Due at 3:00 PM
April 10Monday
Easter Holiday
May 9Tuesday
Classes End
May 11-12Thursday-Friday
May 16Tuesday
Capstone Exhibition
May 17Wednesday