In less than a year, Elon’s M.A. in Interactive Media program can help you understand, design and produce interactive experiences and prepare you for a rewarding career. Students work closely with faculty mentors as they structure an individualized learning pathway and build their professional portfolios.

In response to student demand for more flexible enrollment options, a low-residency enrollment track for Interactive Media is an option beginning with the 2021-2022 academic year.

Students who choose the low-residency track:

  • Participate in the summer “bootcamp” on campus for two weeks, getting to know faculty, staff and peers as they master the fundamentals of interactive technology.
  • In the fall semester, the cohort takes a full schedule of intimate, live online classes in interactive media theory, design and production.
  • In the spring, students join their classmates somewhere in the world to complete an interactive project for the public good, making a direct impact while earning class credit and building a portfolio.
  • All students complete three or more remote elective classes, and design and execute a personal capstone project.
  • At the end of the spring semester, low-residency students return to Elon’s campus and participate in  closing events and graduation.

Why choose the low-residency option?

  • Take advantage of Elon’s Interactive Media program, regardless of where you live, and enjoy the flexibility the program offers.
  • The Interactive Media student cohort is blended, and low-residency students interact often with Elon-based colleagues as well as others around the country.
  • Core classes will be specifically designed for the remote learning experience, although low-residency students have the opportunity to interact with all the students in curricular and co-curricular experiences.
  • Whenever convenient, students can use the Interactive Media facilities and equipment on Elon’s campus or at Elon’s facilities on the West Coast, including access to the Second Home co-working and cultural space in Los Angeles.

Want to know more?

For answers to general questions and questions about the admissions process, contact Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions Kim Bernie. For questions about program logistics and opportunities, contact Manager of Graduate and Global Programs Maggie Mullikin.